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img_0566 The diorama depicts two kittens fully dressed in bridal attire getting married as more than a dozen other kittens, clad in ornate gowns and three-piece suits, bear witness. Theres a kitten priest reading from a kitten bible, another kitten witness reading from his own book, and a smaller kitten flower boy dressed in a little sailor outfit. Its adorable, bizarre, enchanting, slightly disturbing, and, well, to bring out my inner Victorian-era white person, exquisite. Isha Aran. The opening party marked the first time Potters work has been on public display in America. Earlier this year, J.D. Powe teamed up with Antediluvian Antiques & Curiosities and acquired the piece for a hammer price of $100,000 (with $25,000 of added fees). It was then sold for an undisclosed amount to Sabrina Hansen, who has allowed the Museum to display this piece of history. The Kittens Wedding was the main event of the Museums latest exhibition, Taxidermy: Art, Sciene & Immortality, which also included other antique anthropomorphic work like squirrels playing cards, exotic birds (some of which are now extinct), taxidermied pets, and even crap taxidermy , the internet phenomenon of celebrating janky taxidermy fails.

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