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Call 6 Investigates tracks down couples' missing wedding videos, albums

" Mitchell and Nuthak tacked on some free extras for David and Marina including a full feature video and deluxe album. “I just think all of Angel’s clients got a raw deal and so I just want to make it up to them as best as I can,” said Mitchell. The Piechockis are grateful to everyone who stepped up to help. “It was more than we ever expected," said David Piechocki.  Call 6 Investigates helped other couples get in touch with Mitchell and find their stuff, including the Willes who now have their wedding video. Call 6 Investigates then stopped by Canary’s house in Greenfield, and left a business card, but Canary has yet to respond to Call 6 on the record. But Canary did go on the record on August 7, 2017 when she represented herself in a Hancock County courtroom. Another bride, Tracy Knecht, filed a lawsuit in Hancock County against Canary alleging she failed to deliver products and services. At the August 7, 2017 bench trial, Canary said she’s had four strokes, according to the transcript. “I have cognitive problems,” Canary told the court. “I have a heart condition and they’ll probably make me have a stroke out there.” The court ruled in the newlyweds’ favor, awarding a $5,000 judgment against Angel Canary. Canary has not yet paid that $5,000 judgment, court records show.

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